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Review: Viomi V3 Max Lidar Robot Vacuum And Mop

Viomi V3 MAX is the newest and most advanced version of the world’s first lidar robot vacuum cleaner. The V3 MAX features a powerful motor for deep cleaning carpets, as well as a mop function for mopping hardwood, marble, or stone floors. This machine will leave your house fresh and clean with no need to lift a finger!

What is a lidar robot vacuum and mop?
Lidar, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, is the technology that allows the Viomi V3 MAX to clean your home by mapping out a three-dimensional map of the room. The vacuum can then identify obstacles and map them in real-time. The lidar robot vacuum also has a deep cleaning motor that removes embedded dirt, dust, and hair from carpets with ease.
The mop function is perfect for hardwood or stone flooring so they don’t have to be mopped manually by hand. The mop function releases a high-quality cleaning water onto the floor and then collects it back up into the bucket. This machine will leave your floors looking clean in no time!

Why use a lidar robot vacuum and mop?
It’s no secret that home cleaning is a tough job. You have to lift up heavy furniture, scrub stubborn stains out of the carpet, and wash the floors. And this doesn’t even include all the dust mites and allergens that are living in your home!
Fortunately, there’s Viomi V3 MAX, the world’s first lidar robot vacuum cleaner with a mop function. This vacuum and mop combo will automatically clean your house for you. It has powerful suction for deep carpet cleaning and a water tank for mopping hardwood or stone floors. The best part? With V3 MAX, you won’t have to lift a finger!
Viomi V3 MAX is easy to use. Simply press start and watch it clean your house while you relax on the couch! It also has an automatic mode so it will clean your flooring surfaces without you having to worry about anything.
The V3 MAX vacuums all of your carpets in one go thanks to its powerful motor. Similarly, it can be set to mop your hardwood or marble floors as well! All-in-all, Viomi V3 MAX does everything for you when it comes to household cleaning tasks, leaving you free to enjoy life without worrying about maintaining your home by yourself.

V3 MAX features
Viomi V3 Max robot vacuum has 3 cleaning modes: sweep only, mop only and sweep-mop. Empowered by the deep cleaning algorithm, which is exclusive to Viomi, the robot vacuum cleaner can mimic manual way of mopping with 7.5% of cleaning coverage. It can thoroughly remove dust, dirt, water stains, crumbs, pet hair and footprints on diversified floors. In addition, stubborn stains can be handled with the upgraded soft and hard fiber stripped mops. Besides, premier vacuuming, mopping experience and dust emptying will be another highlight. V3 Max’s dust bin door will flip over to empty the dirt with only a single click of a button.

While Viomi V3 Max is a robot vacuum, that’s far from the limit of what it can do – this genius device can also use its mopping mode and sweeping mode to ensure that all kinds of surfaces and mess are cleaned up. The standard vacuuming modes bring huge amounts of suction to ensure that even chunky bits of dirt and detritus are picked up. Swapping it to mopping means that hard flooring is cleaned properly, while vacuuming is great for carpeted areas, and sweeping brings the best of both worlds to make sure that you’re able to forget about most types of dirt, including dust, dirt, water stains, crumbs, pet hair and footprints on diversified floors.
Main features
of the V3 MAX
The Viomi V3 MAX has a powerful motor that will vacuum up deep down dirt on all types of carpets and rugs, including deep shag, plush, and smooth carpets. The Lidar sensor for navigation detects obstacles in the way and avoids them to avoid bumping into furniture or getting stuck under objects. The V3 MAX also has an antibacterial nano-fiber mop that is able to clean hardwood, marble, or stone floors. It can also be used with just water to clean your home’s surfaces without chemicals.
The V3 Max Lidar Robot Vacuum and Mop is a fantastic product for those who want a robot vacuum and mop, but don’t want to spend an outrageous amount of money on one. It does a great job of cleaning, and has plenty of features. The V3 Max Lidar Robot Vacuum and Mop would be an excellent addition to any home.

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