Rachel Mayer Has Come Up With Some Guidelines for Crypto Investing

Rachel Mayer Has Come Up With Some Guidelines for Crypto Investing

It has been observed that majority of investors use some specific rules as their trading strategy for external events. For instance, a drop in global stock markets by a certain amount will force an investor in creating a standard order to purchase U.S. Treasuries. Such rules are very helpful in avoiding reckless decision making in the traditional trading sphere but can the crypto space be tackled with the same approach?

Co-founder and CEO of Trigger Finance,  a company that allows investors to create rules to assist trading, Rachel Mayer, said that a person could develop specific rules to maintain trading values in the wild crypto market. Crypto giant Circle recently acquired the crypto management assisting company.

She stated that right now trader uses technical indicators like moving day averages, Fibonacci sequences, and volume to make more accurate decisions. As of now, Circle does not provide any tool to influence trading, but Mayer believes that the company will be offering such tools in the future to traders and basic investors.

As the crypto market is essentially news based, crypto investors can fund a tweet based trigger that will commence new trades based on activities on the social platform. It can continuously tap on the handle of SEC and top-notch market leaders to take the best decision.

According to her, the concept of automated trading is as justifiable in the crypto market as in traditional financial space as it will terminate the aspect of emotional decisions made by investors.  Mayer used to trade foreign exchange on Wall Street before starting her own firm and eventually becoming an employee of Circle.

Her concept included diversification strategies for the crypto space, including Circle’s new “Invest” product. The new project allows general investors buy digital currencies or purchase the market of top seven coins valued by market cap.

The financial expert also talked about SEC’s new stance over Ethereum. It should be noted that SEC has cleared the second most popular virtual currency from being security. After the declaration, the currency enjoyed a significant hike in its value.  The ex CEO speculated that Ethereum might overshadow bitcoin based on its total market cap.

America’s top monetary authority stated, “The network on which Bitcoin functions is operational and appears to have been decentralized for some time, perhaps from inception. Applying the disclosure regime of the federal securities laws to the offer and resale of Bitcoin would seem to add little value. The Ethereum network and its decentralized structure, current offers and sales of Ether are not securities transactions.

In conclusion, she also talked about the economic crises her home country, Venezuela is facing. The country has adopted a digital coin, petro, to rise against severe economic troubles it has been tackling with.

One should think of automated crypto trading as a distinct reality as recording news and social media events simultaneously for finalizing deals is not a piece of cake. The company would have to develop a highly advanced mechanism which could also differentiate between facts, speculations, and rumors.

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