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How Will Smart Homes Of The Future Be

The future of the smart home is going to be more interactive and personalized than what we have today. In the future, these smart homes will not only be equipped with artificial intelligence but also with human-like robots.

Viomi Robot Vacuum V3 MAX offers a perfect example of how a robotic vacuum can interact with you in your home. It has been designed to be a family member and it will greet you when you come back from work or school, ask how your day went and what is for dinner. It will also take care of miscellaneous tasks like switching on the coffee maker when you need a cup in the morning or turning off lights when you leave home at night.

Personalized smart homes

We already have smart home features such as voice assistants but with the rise of robots in the smart home, technology will allow for more interactions. By merging different AI components, devices will be able to be utilized as virtual personal assistants to integrate with every single home in the future. For example, robots will be able to interact with the homeowner and display the news, TV shows, music or guide people on directions.

As far as robot vacuum cleaners go, an AI-powered bot is capable of performing regular, regular cleaning, but can also be programmed to do specific tasks depending on how it perceives its owners. For instance, Viomi is even capable of learning, setting a schedule and even detecting where the rubbish is by the smell.

Artificial intelligence in the future

The smarter the technology gets, the more personalized it will become. Companies are also working on incorporating artificial intelligence into smart homes, which will help in turning it into a connected ecosystem.

Augmented reality in the home

Augmented reality in the home could soon be a reality. It will act as a virtual assistant and will give you insights about the world around you. For example, if you find out that the toilet doesn’t look clean enough, it will display cleaning instructions on the screen. It will also identify which room is in need of washing clothes and suggest the user to add clothes and detergent into the machine.

4K streaming and better streaming

This will come handy especially when one is watching movies in 4K.

Robots as a family member

Robots as a family member are in huge demand in the 21st century. There are millions of families in the world which don’t have a family member to take care of them. These robots provide an excellent solution for that problem. You can just leave your house with your robot vacuum cleaner and keep running errands.

Why the family member should be a robot

A robot vacuum cleaner is the best home companion you can have. You can get your robot to do the daily chores for you and you can leave the house for work without worrying about taking care of your home. It even responds to your words like: “Good morning, V-iomi! Good evening, V-iomi! I love you.”

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Robots have already become the best companions for many people.

How Viomi Robot Viomi V3 Max Can Help You

This lidar robot vacuum and mop is an advanced cleaning machine with all the features we’ve come to love from these next-generation robots while offering a more impressive cleaning performance than most. This robot can easily handle hardwood and tile and does remarkably well on low- or medium-pile carpets. This lidar robot vacuum has many great features that make it super useful in a variety of home situations. These include automatic carpet boost, multi-level mapping, and an extra-large water reservoir. And its smart LIDAR navigation and patented algorithm allowed it to clean more quickly and efficiently than others.

Most vacuum cleaners are just that — vacuum cleaners. They can help pick up dust and small debris off your floor, but nothing else. Viomi V3 Max, however, comes with a 3-in-1 cleaning system. This robot vacuum cleaner can vacuum, and mop your house, and do it incredibly effectively. You get three different modes here, including sweep only, sweep and mop, and mop only, and you can choose whichever mode you require. With a combination of these modes, the Viomi V3 Max Robot Vacuum can easily clean your house from dust, dirt, footprints, stains, and pet hair without breaking a sweat.


So, what are the features that you should look out for in your future smart home?

Start by looking for a smart thermostat that has a touchscreen display that is interactive. A smart thermostat will help you save energy while allowing you to schedule your home temperatures using your phone.

If you are looking for a virtual reality smart home, you can start with a robotic vacuum. It can tell you the state of your floors and help you clean up.

Smart lighting can help you manage your home lighting on your smartphone and help you control your home lights without any assistance from your spouse.

Finally, consider having a smart camera. It can help you monitor your home while keeping you informed about your loved ones.

A smart home is a must have for anyone who lives in a luxurious house.

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