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How PotCoin Benefits From Former NBA Player Dennis Rodman? has been footing some of the bills of former National Basketball Association (NBA) player, Dennis Rodman. This would also happen when he plans to travel to Singapore next week where there would be a summit between the United States President and North Korea President Kim Jong-Un. Incidentally, it is the same company that allows people to buy marijuana. The de facto diplomat’s agent has also confirmed the Singapore visit to the media indicating that his objective was to offer moral support to both the presidents.

Coin Price Surges

Interestingly, the previous trips to North Korea by the former NBA player was also taken care by the same digital coin firm. In his trip last year, the former Chicago Bulls player was photographed when he dressed in a PotCoin T-shirt besides the baseball cap. That has sent the prices of the digital coin a whopping 90 percent from the preceding day. Though not in the same way, the virtual currency has gained about five percent on Thursday too. That is a clear indication that the company is getting solid publicity to its cryptocurrency in return for footing his travel bills.

The summit is scheduled for June 12, would be the first time when a sitting President of both the United States and North Korea meet in person. The first and the foremost demand from America is the abandoning of the nuclear program by North Korea. The earlier visits of Rodman to the country drew a lot of flak due to increased political tension between the two countries. The former player also arranged a basketball game in 2014 with other former players of NBA and North Korea. The game also sang a rendition of “Happy Birthday” to the dictator of North Korea.

According to a report in CNBC, PotCoin spokesman indicated that it was in discussions with the former NBA player to facilitate the current year’s trip. The company believes that Rodman “deserves the Nobel Peace Prize jointly with President Trump and the Marshal Kim Jong Un.” Earlier, there was also a threat of the summit being canceled after North Korea suspended its discussions with South Korean officials.

Though the summit plan is revived, there are both optimists and pessimists about the outcome. In any case, the United States is not expecting something great from the dictator knowing him very well.

Peace Mission

The potcoin team indicated that the company has been supportive of the peace mission undertaken by Rodman right from the start. As a result, the digital currency firm disclosed that it was thrilling to witness the improved political climate between the two countries. This is what the people also want, and the company pointed out the former player’s involvement in the process.

In 2014, the digital currency was established. It was mainly established to offer legalized cannabis dispensaries apart from providing access to banking services to farmers. Though the company could claim that its aim was to promote peace, the importance attached to get popularity cannot be underestimated. That was also evident when the digital currency price increases.

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