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Australia’s agnes water proclaims to be digital coin friendly tourism place

Australia’s Agnes Water proclaimed itself as a first tourism town to be digital coin friendly in Australia. The town is located five hours drive from Brisbane International Airport’s north. The area is home to just more than two thousand people, and yet more than 30 enterprises have started accepting virtual currency as a means of payment. This is despite the cryptocurrency market witnessing sluggishness around the world as the regulators are tightening their noose. That is mainly because of growing interest among the users and the businesses that are ready to accept it.


The decision of the town to encourage the use of digital coin is the brainchild of Gordon Christian, a local real estate agent. He explained that he was aware of only after a client enquired about the steps to process payments using bitcoin. His interest level in the cryptocurrency peaked following his discovery that a growing number of enterprises have indicated their acceptance of virtual currency at the airport in Brisbane, news.bitcoin reported.

Christian told the media that “I thought, ‘This is something worth having a look at.’ We started from the ground up, shared it with a couple of businesses, and they were straight on board […] I guess they were international travelers themselves and had heard of these types of payments. Initially, we had a good 10 businesses that just said, ‘Fine — let’s go for it.’”

Christian explained that the idea of accepting virtual coin has spread among the businesses in Agnes Water has increased. As a result, the town is becoming friendlier towards the cryptocurrency and wants to be known as “digital traveler.” He also recounted his experience of businesses that are embracing digital currency very quickly. He said that they had to start from the scratch as to how to use the new age cashless instrument. This included a shutter service to bring passengers from either the railway station or the airport. He also considered as to where the tourists would stay and would go when they reach the town.

Christian pointed out that as many as 31 local enterprises have now started accepting the digital currency as means of payment in Agnes Water. This included restaurants, tour companies, backpackers, resorts, and the local pub. Interestingly, Travelbybit Australia has lent its support for cryptocurrency in the town. He was approached by the firm’s CEO, Caleb Yeoh, in November last year.

Point-of-Sale App

Travelbybit Australia came to aware of the rollout of the point-of-sale app that facilitated digital coin payment at the Brisbane airport. Yeoh disclosed that if any tourists travel around the globe, they would have to manage a number of currencies and the exchange rate could be confusing to many. Also, travelers would struggle to find ATMs sometimes while there are chances of money changers swindling international currency such as bitcoin.

The recent happenings only suggest that the town has taken a tactical step in trying to attract an increased number of tourists. The CEO called it as a social movement pointing out the growing acceptance of the cryptocurrency.

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